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Bunnykill 5 Part 1 Bunnykill 5 Part 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My, how far this series has come

From the first time I was ever exposed to the first Bunnykill, I was very interested in the concept but saw it as more of a one-shot sort of flash movie. However, it was when I saw the second movie that I was definitely enthralled by it. The smoothed animations and the rather complex fighting scenes were the staple attractions for this series for its later installations and continued to amaze me with each and every single scene as well occasionally made me smile with the personalities of the hapless grunts as they each fell to Snowball's blade. These elements and more are further exemplified and refined in Bunnykill 5 Part 1, like a blade that has been sharpened to its sharpest edge.

From the moment the first scene of the movie, one could see that Mottis has really pulled out all of the stops in refining his style and animation. The movements of the characters carries a flow unlike other animations and they are exemplified further with the fight scenes. They are quick and concise, building a lot of tension in the action and capturing the familiarity of the Bunnykill series with each slice, break and gunshot deflection. While it carries the feeling of the style of samurai action flicks, the urban environments present a rather enticing contrast to these settings, creating a location of its own within each frame of action animation. Snowball easily glides through his opponents like never before, further highlighting the increase in skill that the animator has experienced over the years working on this series.

On an atmospheric standpoint, I do like the tenseness of the action and its settings. The turmoil beneath the skyscrapers ads to the feeling of emergency throughout and slight foreboding feeling to what is to come for the rest of the animation. The same with usage of color in the scenes reflects a more complete and sharper style on the animator's part, creating a familiar yet different feel to the environments and characters. What's still in full effect has to be the subtle humor within the animation, from references to Metal Gear and the clumsiness of the guards and Snowball's ease of dispatching his opponents, it all ads that extra little dose of the animator's personality and sense of humor to keep it from feeling too action packed or even serious.

Everything that you've come to expect from Bunnykill is here in Bunnykill 5 part 1, but its all been brought forth like you've never seen before. The stylization of the location, characters and actions still carries that enjoyable feeling from scene to scene and the tenseness of combat still makes you stare and beg for more. A definitely great animation for any and all who are fans of action, or even animation in itself to enjoy.

Good work Mottis, and here's to Part 2 blowing off the doors next time!

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Mottis responds:

Wow. that was really well written. Thanks <3

Derpcraft Derpcraft

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely done

A well animated, and well composed animation about reactions to a game people don't seem to get at first, yet cannot stop playing.

Good work, RubberNinja.

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Luminiscense Luminiscense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A captivating opening to a great story.

Love in many ways can be considered a fleeting element of human companionship that changes as surely as the tides. However, when true love is realized among two people, a boundless and unbreakable chain is formed that would last beyond the tests of time. Unfortunately, while this love may seem as if it would last forever, there is always something dark on the horizon that will test such love and even threaten to end it...once and for all. Luminescence, created by flash animator/digital artist keepwalking and featuring the voices of Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) and Jessi Nowack (Nowacking) present us with a scene of true love between two people, only to watch their happiness become torn asunder by an unforeseen catastrophe.

Keepwalking's animation style resonates forth to the viewer and perfectly immortalizes the serene atmosphere that this animation presents so well. Many who are fans of his artwork can see how his knowledge of shading and lighting really add a lot of personality to the piece and breathes a lot of life into it as well as establishing a clearly strong emotional attachment to the viewer. The animation, while at times appearing a bit choppy, still manages to stand up perfectly for the majority of the film and still manages to impress its viewers and give them more than enough to look forward to. The environments keep the viewers immersed into the film and makes one feel as though they have been inserted into the landscape watching from afar as the scenario unfolds. I must also commend on the voice actors who provided their talents for this piece. Both Kirbopher and Jessi Nowack have given both characters so much personality and even depth within their voices with so few words that it almost resonates within the minds and hearts of the viewers further strengthening the emotional attachments to the characters and even the setting itself.

From beginning to end, the animation gives one to think about if one that you care about above all others would suddenly disappear, and there doesn't seem to be anything that you can do about it. Luminescence gives us all of these questions and leaves us begging for even more answer. This is truly a genuine piece of art and poetry in motion that will never fail to impress any viewers and engrosses you into its world. With a sleek animation style, colorful and emotional characters and a foreboding threat to one another, this is definitely something that you wouldn't want to miss. Congratulations on all who worked on this piece, and here's to seeing more. :)

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keepwalking responds:

Such an impressive review man. I trully appreciate it :)

Turing Test Turing Test

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A very intersting concept

The story and concept behind this flash animation is both well put together as well as a very engaging story. The gradual tension between the main character and the "chat bot" really got my attention and caused me to constantly ask questions as the story continued.

What is the true identity of the one called the Chat Bot? Could it have actually been a human entrapped or could it have been a machine with an existential discrepancy?

If the chat bot was so sure that it was not human and was trapped somewhere, who were its mysterious captors and what was their motive for capturing this individual and leave them in a location unknown to them with access to a terminal with a link to an empty chat-room with the virtually futile hopes that someone would answer to it?

So many questions for a foreboding end.

If there was one thing that got my attention, it had to be the storytelling in place. Like the character speaking to the chat bot, you have absolutely no idea what is unfolding before and is unsure that whatever they are reading is either a joke or a genuine plea for help. It really gives a genuine feeling of tension and immersion for the viewer that brings them right into the steadily nervous shoes of the user.

The animation and artwork may not be masterpieces or works of art, but in an animation like this, they aren't all that important. Of course, the main pull of an animation is both fluent movement and the art design, but personally it just seemed to work well for the situation. The dark colors only further solidified the tension and further brought out the overall isolation of the unknown chat bot user and the new user entering its chat room.

All in all, it truly is a dark and mysterious story that many people can truly enjoy and gives you something to think about as it ends. How can one actually know what the difference is between an automaton unsure of its existence or true purpose or the fearful cries of an individual isolated from the world and desperate to find another individual to find help from? Is it possible that this incident has gone on with multiple victims hoping for a futile connection with another user that could help them. Or is it all just a sick game that one is just a solitary player in an endless cycle? No one can know for sure. A great flash animation and story, which will entice and immerse all who view it.

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Jimtopia responds:

My goal with this one was to get people to think, and it's looking like I did just that. Thanks for such an in-depth review, and I'm happy you liked it.

Toil Fruitlessly Toil Fruitlessly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good flash, deep message

I'm amazed by how well this entire presentation was put together. The message of having something that someone put their own personality into would simply be filed away with countless others and never truly be appreciated for what it truly is...a work of art. Excellent work.

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The Last Fight: Final Ep The Last Fight: Final Ep

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Riveting and Stylish

When I saw the first part of The Final Fight, for the most part I was impressed. The music fit the scene well and the overall art style was just awesome to look at. It was a good flash movie and despite the story being a little mysterious and vague at first, I really liked after I understood it.

The Last Fight: Final Ep, builds on to the achievements of the original and creates a piece that does not disappoint. The art style really draws you in and feels like a classic anime showdown. The music really makes the overall situation and scenes that much more dramatic and give the battle that overall feeling of finality that the previous film gave its viewers. Despite there not being any sound effects, to me that really didn't matter. The lack of sound added to the dramatics that much more and made the viewer feel as though the world is moving around them so fast that there's nothing really going on but the fight.

In itself, The Last Fight: Final Ep is a great piece made by Keepwalking. I can safely say that this movie will not disappoint. The presentation of the animation looks good and the overall atmosphere makes for an intense animated short.

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Tiny Japanese Girl Tiny Japanese Girl

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oozing with style

In itself this video is a great spectacle in itself. TheWeebl has gained a reputation of creating imaginative and funny music videos. This one could be thought to be one of his best ones. As far as I could see, there was almost nothing about this video that I did not enjoy.

To begin with, the vector styled artwork used in the video was great. It really gave the video originality and finesse. Many of the colors stood out as well as the bloom effects on the trees and the background buildings and mountains. Usually bloom effects can make certain designs feel tacked on and cheesy; this is one of those few exceptions. I could also see a great use of lens flare, which really gave the whole scene a great sense of lighting. But how could I forget the primary ingredient of the submission: the animation. As usual the animation style of TheWeebl is fluent and full of life. Everything in the piece just seems to flow well and is so eye-catching.

Like many of TheWeebl's flashes, this one gives exactly what it delivers: entertainment. The premise of the video is enjoyable as well as the song used into it. Whether you like his work or not, you cannot deny that with all of his videos TheWeebl's got skill. Congrats on another video!

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Closer - Richard Cheese Closer - Richard Cheese

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Creative and stylish

Despite the fact that I have never seen any of your work, I've already become a fan. Your art style has a lot of action and motion and really makes the overall movie feel dynamic. The over-the-top sex scenes are hilarious, disturbing and creative. After watching the entire flash, I can safely see that you've put a lot of effort and imagination into this piece, and it clearly shows through. Great work man, I look forward to many more of your flashes.

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School 13 - TongueTied School 13 - TongueTied

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Art in motion

It's not often that work such as this truly captivates emotion is such a artistic and poetic tone such as this. The artwork, as expected, looks well done and truly sets the scene for this story. Snow falls realistically while the fluorescent glow of the lights from the street lamps and the distant buildings give a warming feeling to the viewer despite the cold snow. The characters in addition to their great art design also are depicted showing emotion realistically, which many of us can relate to.

Well, perhaps maybe not as it is shown in the movie, but you understand what I mean.

The music used really ads to the atmosphere. Its calming and at the same time does not get lost behind the animations taking place. Even after the movie ends, you almost feel as though you want to know what happens to the two characters after they kissed. Would their relationship continue, or would it merely be just another experience that would harmlessly pass them by? We'll probably never know.

All in all, its another great flash made by Nightwayfarer. His design and attention to detail has only gotten progressively better with each flash and drawing he makes. At this point, for him, there's nowhere to go but up.

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Nightwayfarer responds:

Thank you for such a review, I appreciate everything you wrote.
I Actually never thought about making a contrast between the cold wintery night and warm light from the lamps and buildings.. i guess it came out like that itself
The untold stuff gives you a change to imagine your own continuation of the story, which I find nice)
It was quite hard to find the appropriate soundtrack and to cut it in places whre it's needed, but I'm satisfied with what I got in the end
I'm glad, that you liked the flash, and I'll try to keep on satisfying you and many others.
Have a Jolly Holiday

SecretEpisode: Naruto SecretEpisode: Naruto

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Despite the fact that I watch the show, that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen about Naruto. Those people aren't even ninja, there closer to frickin' magicians.

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SlashFirestorm responds:

It's even worse in the manga.

Also, Sai/Sasuke? CANON.